Touch up, look natural

Yuta Sato applying the primer.

Whether for fashion shoots or the everyday look, Yuta Sato goes by the barely-there make-up approach to create a natural-looking complexion.

“Beautiful skin shouldn’t be covered up,” said Sato, Three’s official make-up artist. “Even when imperfections pose a problem, you can fix the flaws and reveal your best skin with the help of make-up, which has evolved from being thick and cakey to a light and comfortable second skin offering a natural look.”

Sato’s three steps to flawless skin involves primers, foundation and concealer from the Japanese brand’s new base make-up collection released last month.

Containing 80% natural ingredients, the Angelic Complexion Primer features shea butter and botanical oils including anti-oxidant hippophae oil derived from elaegnaceae plants.

“Moisturising ingredients keep the skin clear and supple. The skincare benefit is a plus, especially when you use make-up every day,” said Sato.

Two or more shades of the candy-coloured primers can be used according to the colour-correcting required. The apricot and mint primer help neutralise dullness and redness before applying the pink formula for cool skin tone or the peachy one for warm skin tone.

“Bringing out skin clarity, the primer compares to a colour filter layered on the skin. Even when applied all over the face, it doesn’t cover it up,” he said.

Also containing red, blue and green pearls, the primer gives off a white light veiling pores, wrinkles and unevenness whereas Radiant Wand Invisible serves as a concealer for under-eye dark circles and dark spots due to hyperpigmentation.

The skin’s smooth texture is rendered by a sweep of the Angelic Symbiosis Foundation innovatively formulated as a powder immersed in an oil gel.

A combination of plate-like and light-dispersing spherical powders creates a frosty gleam on the skin, resulting in the foundation’s radiant matt finish.

“Apply the foundation just like how you apply skincare. Once spread across the skin, the oil volatises and the powder smoothly envelops the skin,” he said. “The radiant matt finish means that loose powder is not required to set the foundation.”

Both primer and foundation further feature oil-control powders to beat excessive sebum in maintaining the matt effect.

Radiant Wand Invisible concealer.

Angelic Symbiosis Foundation.

Angelic Complexion Primer.