Stax it up

Classic Stax burger.

The setting: The COMMONS is very well-known for its array of sophisticated restaurants that serve up high-class food. Not that that’s a bad thing. But STAX Diner is bringing regular visitors to the Thong Lor chill-out haven something that hasn’t been in existence there before: simple, straightforward, comfort food. Now don’t take that to mean its menu is quickly and haphazardly served because STAX Diner is definitely up to the high class dining standards offered in The COMMONS, and that’s part of its charm.

While the rest of the restaurants in the vicinity have their chilled aesthetics, when you walk into STAX Diner, you’re greeted with somewhat bright yellow lights that fill the place with a sort of happiness and lightheartedness. The mural on the wall that has burgers everywhere painted in a “Where’s Waldo-esque” style also brings fun to the restaurant’s atmosphere, not to mention the spattering of decorations all around. It’s not your typical diner look and the owners wanted it that way so as not to have another stereotypical diner restaurant. What brings it all together though is the rocking playlist that one of the owners, Chris, painstakingly put together for one month. It definitely paid off in the end.


There is a reason, of course, why the name of the restaurant is STAX Diner. All beef burgers are served with two beef patties stacked on top of one another, but if that doesn’t satiate your carnivorous desires, you have the choice to stack it higher with three beef patties for an additional B60. Still not satisfied? Then go for the full-on Classic quad stax for an additional B120. There’s a selection of beef burgers to choose from, but the the crowd favourite (and ours) is the Classic stax burger (B260). At first glance, you may think it’s small for a double patty burger and the owners meant for it not to be huge. Let’s face it, sometimes we see a huge burger and we’re stressed out on how we’re going to eat it. Don’t judge the Classic stax just by its size though, because even though it’s not huge, the double beef patties are succulent, juicy and well-cooked. The sauce in the burger definitely kicks the flavour up a notch. If you want something other than a beef burger (and if you do, why?), your next best bet is the STAX chicken burger (B260). Served with — you guessed it — chicken, it gives the burger a crispiness thanks to the batter but the chicken still remains tender and juicy as you bite into it.

Strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate milkshake.

Not that the burgers wouldn’t fill you up already, but if you’re looking for appropriate sides to go along with it, there are two that we recommend. The Chilli cheese fries (B240) are delectable and STAX is generous in its serving, covered with cheese and chilli. We haven’t been so keen to get our hands dirty in a long time. If you’re worried you might get a fry overload since the burgers are served with a side of fries, then you should definitely order the Buffalo wings (B180). The wings themselves are already delicious, but they’re served with a ranch dressing that’ll get you hooked. With a perfect combination of tangy and buttery, the wings with the dressing are on a completely different level.

A diner restaurant wouldn’t be complete, however, if it didn’t serve milkshakes and STAX Diner has their bases covered there. There are currently three milkshake flavours sold: vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry, all for B160, but there are more flavours about to be added to the menu. Whichever one you go for, they’re all classic flavours you should try. We can’t even recommend a specific one. We have to recommend you try them all.

We’re not done yet! Because it’s been the craze of the town lately in the Big Mango. STAX Diner’s menu also offers an all-day breakfast! We tried out the Eggocado (B240), a refreshing dish that blew us away. With a crispy toast topped with guacamole and egg, we were surprised that the toast didn’t become soggy and there was still that crunch as you bite into it. It’s a perfect way to start your day or perhaps as a light snack in the middle of it.

Chilli cheese fries.


During peak hours, one of STAX Diner’s staff is in the communal area to take your order, so you can sit there and they’ll bring the food to you. In fact, you can sit anywhere in The COMMONS and they’ll be happy to serve you. Looking for something more fizzy to go with your burger? Complete your classic diner experience by ordering a Cherry Coke.



Sophisticated palates are doubtlessly satisfied with the numerous restaurants in The Commons, but you can rest easy knowing that STAX Diner offers simple yet delicious American diner style comfort food that won’t hurt your wallet.

STAX chicken burger.

Buffalo wings.


The COMMONS, Thong Lor Soi 17