Salty, sweet and zesty

Buttermilk quinoa pancakes. Photos: Narada Saingam

The setting: Walking into the Bangkok Trading Post Bistro Deli almost seems like walking into a whole different world entirely. Coming from your typical Bangkok soi, you walk into what seems like a small doorway, only to find it opens up to a room with a high ceiling and walls made of teak. The furnishings are unique since they’ve all been custom-made for the restaurant and all around there are decorations that invoke feelings of travel and exploration, making it seem as if you’re simply a sojourner taking a break from your weary journey. This is a feel the restaurant was obviously going for and succeeded in doing. The marble tables give you a feel of grandeur and something we were pleasantly surprised with was the fact that the tables had hooks underneath to hang your bags and purses! The ambiance and atmosphere is very laid-back and relaxing and they’ve actually got an outdoor garden that you can check out — once Bangkok’s weather figures itself out, that is. We haven’t even talked about the food yet and we’re already tempted to go back.


We started off with the Salt szechuan pepper squid (B240) which we like to think is an Asian calamari. Batter-wise, it was not too thick so as to completely overpower the calamari; eating it by itself already gives you that familiar calamari taste, yet it had a salty and zesty Asian twist. However, it was served with kaffir lime aioli which completely elevated it to a whole different level. Another starter we tried out is the Blackened tuna tataki (B340). To be honest, it’s somewhat peculiar that this dish is in the starters section because it definitely could be eaten as a main. Described as a “salad of grains” — y’know, because there are a whole load of different grains in there — there’s a crunchiness to it that’s accompanied with a bit of sweetness, thanks to the raisins. But the highlight of the dish would definitely have to be the tuna which topped off the salad. It was lightly seared but still fresh when you bite into it.

Another great feature of this restaurant is its all-day breakfast, and no breakfast is complete without an omelette. The restaurant’s version of the humble dish is named the Farmer’s omelette (B290) after the sausage they use, Boerewors Sausage, which is basically “farmer’s sausage sausage” when translated. It’s this component that gives a whole new aspect to the simple omelette. The fried potatoes, tomatoes and goat cheese that accompanied the dish helped too. It was also served with a side of butter and toast and though it may seem typical and simple, the butter was surprisingly delightful. Another breakfast favourite is the Buttermilk quinoa pancakes (B250) and once again, it’s another typical, humble dish that the restaurant has managed to breathe new life into. The pancakes were deliciously fluffy and lightly glazed with Mikania honey, but it was the whipped orange butter that gave the pancakes a whole different zesty twist.

For dessert, we first tried out the Silk oolong cream (B255) that was delightfully refreshing and not sickeningly sweet. Served with quince jelly, walnuts, gingerbread crumble and a couple of berries, you get a whole different taste when you simply eat the cream by itself or along with the “sides”. It makes for a fun dessert. The other dessert dish we tried out was the Sweet potato cake (B130). Cakes can be quite precarious; too sweet and they turn you off and if not sweet at all, can it still be called a cake? But the sweet potato cake hit the sweet spot (pun definitely intended). And since sweet potato is known for making you look younger, it gave us more of an excuse to just keep eating it.

Farmer’s omelette.


For beverages, be sure to try out the Earthjito and C-spert. Also, there’s a bunch of restaurants in Sukhumvit 39 but not all of them have parking space. That’s something you don’t have to worry about when eating here since the restaurant is part of 137 Pillars Suites Residences. Don’t have a car? No sweat. Travel in style and ask for Louie, the purple London cab, to take you to EmQuartier.

Silk oolong cream


Bangkok Trading Post Bistro Deli is perfect for all occasions. Whether you want to have a nice brunch, a family dinner, take your special someone out on a date, or you simply just want to chill in a place that has a laidback atmosphere, this restaurant is the place for you. Plus, you definitely get your money’s worth with whatever dish or drink you order.

Blackened tuna tataki.


Pillars Suites Residences, Sukhumvit Soi 39