Pampering the pregnant woman

Beautiful Mother-to-Be treatment can be taken after the end of the first trimester. Photos courtesy of CLARINS

Expecting a baby brings joy as well as privileges as partners, friends, relatives and others pay more attention to mums-to-be.

That extra care is emphasised in delivering pre- and post-pregnancy body treatments at Clarins Skin Spa, from the consultation to massage techniques, for an uplifting experience.

“During pregnancy, women have to cope with worries and stress. Coming to the spa will help them unwind, which is also good for the baby,” said Piyanant Lasai, spa training manager.

The spa therapies are designed under the advice of obstetricians and paediatricians, and considers changes in the skin and body over the nine months.

However, the one-hour Beautiful Mother-to-Be treatment (3,300 baht) can be given only after the end of the first trimester.

As the months go by, stretch marks, water retention and heaviness in the leg area will increasingly become a concern among expectant mothers.

“Having experienced other Clarins facials and body treatments beforehand, clients who become pregnant trust in our dedicated treatments. They then spread the word on how it helps them deal with symptoms of pregnancy,” Piyanant said.

The spa session involves a series of soothing body massages, first lying on the side for the therapist to work on tired legs by using a treatment of oil and drainage techniques to ease fluid retention.

Moving up, the massage relieves back pain and muscular fatigue, releasing tension particularly on the back and shoulders.

In a supine position, the massage starts once again on the legs, then concentrates on the hips and abdomen using the “diamond” massage technique, of which the therapists’ hands are entwined into the shape of the precious stone.

“Gently pressing on the skin, the technique subtly stretches the skin to trick it in preparing for the real stretching. Along with the cream used in the massage, it helps improve skin elasticity and prevents stretch marks,” she said.

Arms also get a relaxing rub while breast and décolleté are given a light massage during the application of a bust lifting gel and firming lotion, which help in holding up the “natural bra”.

The treatment doesn’t overlook tending feet, which carry the body and its increased weight due to pregnancy

“Our therapists will constantly ask how the pregnant client feels throughout the session and accordingly adjust her position, and massage pressure, to keep her comfortable,” she said.

Spa products used are safe for both mother and baby, added Piyanant, since they target the skin without causing adverse effect. The aromatherapy from the essential oils further delivers an overall feeling of well-being.

Huile “Anti-Eau” Contour Body Treatment Oil, for example, contains pure plant extracts, including broom, geranium and marjoram that help eliminate toxins to streamline the skin and prevent sponginess.

Containing crowberry and centella extracts, Stretch Mark Control Cream helps improve the skin’s elasticity in lessening new stretch marks and improving the appearance of those that already existed.

Over the course of pregnancy, besides stretch marks, the body loses its firmness and tone, which is addressed by the Stubborn Curve Solutions treatment targeting tummy, waist and hips.

“Depending on the delivery, whether natural or Caesarean, mothers have to wait three to six months before taking this post-pregnancy massage, which involves the Robot technique gently pulling the skin and causing a vibration aimed at loosening stubborn fat,” she explained.

The session ends with advice on skincare products for at-home daily use to complement the spa treatment.

Established in 1954, the French cosmetics brand initially operated a beauty spa on Paris’ Rue Tronchet, where aestheticians practised exclusive massage methods created by founder, Jacques Courtin-Clarins. The company later became notable for producing natural skincare products with plant-based ingredients.

“Clarins has been offering pregnancy care products for over 50 years,” she said. “We encourage mums to adopt good beauty habits, during and after pregnancy, as they have to take good care of themselves as much as the baby.”

Clarins Skin Spa are located at Siam Paragon, Central Embassy, Central Festival Chiang Mai, and Central Department Stores (Chidlom, Lardprao, Bangna and Pinklao).

Pregnancy skincare body products: Tonic Beauty Treatment Oil, Stretch Mark Control Cream, Bust Beauty Extra-Lift Gel and Bust Beauty Firming Lotion. Photos courtesy of CLARINS