Make-up as art

Challenging the 90s banal pink and beige, Urban Decay (UD) played with radical shades in creating rebellious looks that has continued to be its beauty stance. The American cosmetics brand particularly has a penchant for purple — audaciously draping lips in one of its tutorials.

Tenant Eyeshadow Palette.

The edgy make-up approach shares a similarity to Jean-Michel Basquiat’s unconventional use of colours in his complex works combining images with controversial text, often expressing social injustice. His artwork also features recurring images of crowns, skeleton-like figures and grimacing faces.

Neo-expressionism now meets with make-up in the UD Jean-Michel Basquiat collection, whose palettes are housed in mini-reproductions of his works, such as Gold Griot executed on wood in 1984.

The Gold Griot eyeshadow palette contains eight new neutrals whereas the Tenant palette combines blendable bright colours.

Providing cheek colours, as well as a bronzer and a highlighter, Gallery Blush Palette recalls the prolific artist’s Untitled(Crown), 1982 in acrylic, ink and paper collage on paper.

The make-up palettes have a small cutout on the back so that they can be hung on the wall, just like in the art gallery.

Lipstick caps have also been wrapped in a colourful canvas while the limited editions twist up a neutral sienna, a pink-purple or a nude-taupe. Three new shades have also been created for the 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil, designed to look like art pencils.

UD Jean-Michel Basquiat collection is available at Central Lardprao, Central Chidlom and Central Pinklao department stores, as well as online at

Gallery Blush Palette.

Gold Griot Eyeshadow Palette.

Epigram neutral-sienna lipstick.