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Line Village Bangkok. So Good Consulting Company Limited

Fans of cute and funny Line characters like Brown, Cony, James and Sally should get ready for the opening of Line Village Bangkok at Siam Square One, which will open its doors to visitors on Friday.

Thailand has been selected as the first country in the world to have Line Village, which expects to welcome over 12 million visitors annually. The launch event to announce the village opening was held on Monday, with the presence of representatives from the Ministry of Tourism and Sports and the Tourism Authority of Thailand.

Line Village Bangkok. So Good Consulting Company Limited

Thailand was chosen to house Line Village Bangkok because, according to its CEO Kampanart Wonghongkul, the country sees a huge market for Line users. More than 94% of internet users in Thailand are Line users, so the new attraction is expected to draw a lot of attention from those who love the popular Line characters, both adults and children alike. 

Line Village Bangkok covers a total space of 1,500m², featuring everything Line character-related — from accessories to snacks and entertainment. Among the highlights are the Line Friends Characters rooms where visitors can have a digital experience, taking photos via virtual-reality technology from Samsung Electronics. This zone alone spans three floors.

There will also be a zone dedicated to snacks and drinks in adorable packaging. At Line Village, visitors will get a sneak peek of the private lives of Brown, Cony, Moon, James, Boss and Choco.

Within Line Village Bangkok is the Line Village Store, which, simply put, is a merchandise zone featuring Line-character collectibles from around the world, including stationery, accessories, clothing and souvenirs.

One can also visit the Line Friends Store located on the shopping street of Garosu-gil in Seoul, South Korea. Famous for its iconic giant Brown doll at the store entrance, the Line Store in South Korea is where visitors can spend hours shopping for Line-character-themed collectibles, stationery and souvenirs. In Asia, there are also Line Friends Stores in Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

— Arusa Pisuthipan

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