Gaysorn Tower: Work-live-play-grow in the heart of Ratchaprasong district

When Gaysorn Tower officially opens its doors in September this year, a 20-metre-tall cocoon-like structure made of teak will take pride of place as its centrepiece and a symbol of its philosophy of space and a new beginning coming to life.

“This is not because it costs four to five times more than a normal bridge,” says Fafuen Temboonkiat, Managing Director of Gaysorn Property Co., Ltd.

“Rather, the iconic structure which serves as a linkage between the 30-storey office tower and the rejuvenated retail building encompasses the project’s ideal as the place for human connectivity and an incubator of ideas,” he says.

The office tower and retail section form the north zone of Gaysorn Village which also comprises the existing Amarin Plaza and Amarin Tower buildings to the south. The two zones are linked via a skywalk called Gaysorn Walk which serves as a convenient shortcut to connect with other shopping malls in the Pratunam area and Ratchaprasong district.

The Village’s north zone, recently renovated to embrace a mixed-use concept, spans over 180,000 square metres of retail and office space at the heart of Bangkok’s CBD.

“In developing Gaysorn Village, we did not just build a shopping mall or office space, but an urban lifestyle village,” explains Mr Fafuen.

With a total investment of 3.74 billion baht, the company hopes that Gaysorn Village will appeal to wider groups of people and be seen as a hub of inspiration and a gathering place for like-minded individuals.

“We chose to call the property ‘Gaysorn Village’ because we want to convey the idea of a space that is more human-scaled, where people can interact with one another comfortably and not feel intimidated by large-sized architecture,” adds Mr Fafuen.

As suggested by its architectural design and interior decoration exuding Thai craftsmanship and artisanal feelings, the Village is designed for warmth and sophistication.

A similar concept applies to the high-end Gaysorn Tower, now 90% complete with 60% of its total 25,000 sq.m. rental space already occupied.

The project employs an activity-based workplace concept which fosters professional collaboration while providing facilities and amenities to support a better work-life balance.

“A new trend in working is connectedness,” says Mr Fafuen. “Things are changing very fast these days and that environment demands agility and flexibility in the workspace.”

Gaysorn Tower recently unveiled its office show suite which gives customers a real-life experience of a modern workspace that provides areas for focused tasks, collaborative activities and meetings, along with space for relaxation and social functions.

“There are ‘hot desks,’ which reduce the need for space in the office, and social space where staff can gather, share ideas, or just relax,” Mr Fafuen adds.

The concept of an activity-based workplace helps reduce the cost for tenants by 30%, as the well-rounded, adaptable design makes the best use of available space—6-7 square metres per person—instead of the traditional 10 square metres.

Mr Fafuen said the company spent a lot of time and resources in choreographing Gaysorn Tower’s environment so that tenants will enjoy a total urban lifestyle experience. The tower serves as the work component of Gaysorn Village.

“The possibilities are endless,” Mr Fafuen continues. “There are still people who don’t know that we have a massive food court of 50 famous street food shops at Amarin Plaza. More upscale options can be found at the retail building on the opposite side, such as 1823 Tea Lounge by Ronnefeldt, Duke, Paste, Provence, Riedel Wine Bar Cellar, Xinn Tien Di, Starbucks Reserve Experience Store and more. All these food outlets, along with shops of artisanal brands, are carefully curated by us to create a holistic workspace where people will want to spend their time.”

Gaysorn Tower would not be able to fulfil the concept of “Work-Live-Play-Grow” without the right amenities to create a well-balanced life. The building comes complete with Gaysorn Urban Retreat spanning its 10th-12th floors. The facility houses renowned beauty and health services to rejuvenate body and mind after a long day at work.

On its 19th floor is Gaysorn Urban Resort where meeting rooms of different sizes are available for parties of five up to 250. The floor also boasts various banquet rooms and restaurants.

A highlight of the facility is a stunning “Gaysorn Crystal Box” that seems to float in the middle of the building. Catering for up to 250 guests, the cutting-edge design multifunctional all-glass room provides state-of-the-art equipment for meetings, seminars, press conferences and parties, with a 270o view of Bangkok.

For those who prefer a more natural ambience, Gaysorn Urban Resort is connected to an outdoor Greenery Sky Garden where tenants can hold activities or take a casual stroll to find fresh inspiration.

The company paid utmost attention to details to ensure that Gaysorn Tower strikes the right balance between security, creativity and human comfort. Aware that natural sunlight is key to human creativity, the ceiling height of the space is 2.9 metres and floor-to-ceiling glass walls  make the most of the daylight.

“We hired a company to come up with the most efficient design and invested in double-insulated glass to ensure that tenants can enjoy the light without the heat. We even installed a fin on the entire building to stop any glare.”

Gaysorn Property Co., Ltd. aims to attract high-value businesses to its new office space with units ranging 150-300 sq.m. and 300-700 sq.m. Target businesses include e-commerce, online, logistics, finance, multinationals, and tech firms.

Tenants of Gaysorn Tower are those in industries with high growth potenial. Among them are: McFiva, a mobile marketing agency; Yuanta securities, a leading financial services provider in Asia; Kudun law firm; and Alpha Energy, an electricity producer and distributor.

Mr Fafuen says he sees Gaysorn Tower, and by extension the entire Gaysorn Village, as the best community in town.

“Our brand DNA is refined quality and style. We are obsessed with it. We want the property to be the place where business people meet and mingle, bounce ideas around and form partnerships. We want Gaysorn Village to be the gathering place for culturalists, artists, crafters, local people and foreign visitors. It’s going to reinforce the whole spirit of Ratchaprasong.”

As for value, Mr Fafuen is confident that Gaysorn Tower is price-competitive in the market. Besides, as the only new high-end office space to be released on the market this year, it is  poised to capitalise on pent-up demand in the CBD where vacancies have fallen to 7%—the lowest level in a decade.

While researching the Gaysorn Village project, Mr Fafuen noticed that the thing people find most precious in their lives isn’t anything luxurious, but time.

Hence Gaysorn Village has adopted the slogan: “time well spent”.

 “I have managed larger projects in the past but I am most proud of Gaysorn Village,” admits Mr Fafuen, who has over 20 years of experience in real estate in Thailand and elsewhere in Asia.

Aiming to generate revenue of some 400 million baht, Gaysorn Tower will be ready for occupancy in June and fully “come to life” in September 2017.