Earn your stripes

cccccccccc photos courtesy of Paul Smith

If you are a loyal fan of Paul Smith’s stripes, don’t miss their pop-up store at Central Embassy this month, which brings the popping Artist Stripe to grand life in an installation on the first floor. Covering the floor, plinths and walls of the installation, the dark pastel rainbow runs through the space like a stick of Brighton rock candy. Those who aren’t keen on completely sweet pastels or bold primary colours will love these combined shades that give a cute yet earth-hued touch to the brand’s signature trademark. Think of chocolate brown paired with salmon pink, teal blue and mustard yellow.

Products of all shapes and sizes are covered in the Artist Stripe — this delicious colour combination being inspired by expressionist paintings. As the newest in the long line of signature Paul Smith stripes, the Artist Stripe is now a regular feature of every Paul Smith collection since its introduction in autumn/winter 2016. At the small selection of clothes at the store, you’ll find that it appears as an accent on shirt cuffs and jacket zip guards, or as a bold all-over print on scarves, swimming trunks and bikinis. You can be decked out in this fantastic combination from head to toe, as sneakers, socks, cuff links, ties and belts, also flaunt these swatches. Small leather accessories, such as wallets, luggage tags, passport covers and notebooks bring to mind television colour bars, but of course, in a rose-tinted and browned effect, with these colour combinations.

Other special Paul Smith collaborations are also available to buy, be it the colourful Anglepoise lamps or Caran d’Ache pens. Visit the pop-up today until May 24, for your fix of Paul Smith’s Artist Stripe splashed on all items imaginable.