Body-contouring product helps fight fat

A 10-minute workout at the product launch.

To strut a streamlined silhouette takes more than regular exercise. Adopting a healthy diet is just as important, particularly cutting fat and sugar to keep cellulite under control.

“Adipocyte cells love sugars and fats. Behind the formation of cellulite, they not only have the ability to grow larger, but also can multiply when their storage capacity is maxed out,” said Tippawan Prasertadisorn, general manager of Clarins Training Spa Business.

Based on an understanding of adipocytes, the French brand upgraded its body-contouring product, recently launched at Siam Paragon’s Hall of Fame.

Body Lift. Clarins

Themed Body Fit Fast Track, the event engaged guests in an exhilarating 10-minute workout led by celebrity trainers Nontantuda Ammart and Boonyisa Chantrarachai.

In developing the new Body Lift formula, Clarins conceptualised it as a personal trainer that coaches adipocytes in normalising their level of activity.

“When the body consumes too many calories versus its energy needs, adipocytes misbehave and store an increasing amount of fat,” said Tippawan.

Clarins Research identified two culprits besides fat-storing adipocytes.

Fat-burning adipocytes reduce activity and then accumulate, leading to a thickening of adipose tissue, while fibre-producing adipocytes increase their activity around adipocytes. The accumulation of excess collagen fibres in adipose tissue then results in a rigidification of the skin, which feels painful when pinched.

Consequently, it becomes more difficult to remove the fatty mass. Along with the new formula, Clarins designed a self-massage/application technique combining hand pressure and muscle contractions aimed at boosting circulation and eliminating the undesirable fat.

Containing quince leaf and other plant extracts, the cream-gel formula is quickly absorbed when applied and leaves firmer-looking skin.

“A body-contouring product isn’t able to promote results on its own, though, which is why Clarins has always stressed the importance of a balanced and healthy lifestyle,” Tippawan said.