An auspicious collaboration

Summer make-up takes on a mesmerising metallic sheen through a collaboration between Shu Uemura and jewellery brand Ambush, founded by musician-producer Verbal and graphic designer Yoon.

Last autumn, Ambush’s first boutique opened its doors in Tokyo to showcase its idiosyncratic unisex collection inspired by pop art.

The challenge was to reflect the textures and colours so that the make-up shines like the jewellery. Shades are named after Ambush collections such as Dreamcatchers, Nomad, Holy Mountain and VVV, whereas the golden packaging expresses the season’s beauty concept.

A phrase from S.E. Hinton’s novel The Outsiders referencing Robert Frost’s poem “Stay Gold” means being true to yourself. Likewise, Shu Uemura encourages women to stay true to themselves in expressing their beauty and personality so that they shine like gold.

The Shu X Ambush collection includes high-metallic Eye Foil liquid eyeshadow available in 10 shades, such as champagne gold and lapis-blue Dreamcatchers. Redesigned in a golden tube, Rouge Unlimited lipsticks come in matte and sheer textures.

A radiant complexion is created with Glow Creator applied before or after foundation, which can be housed in the gleaming Clean Canvas compact designed to represent Love and Life.

Likewise, make-up looks have been poetically created under the same concept. Golden eyebrows and lapis-blue eyes along with red lips stand out in the Love make-up style, whereas neutral shades and a play of luminosity and textures define the Life look.