Global Compact New Members (May 2017)

Global Initiatives Communications

About Us

Global Initiatives promotes partnership solutions to global challenges through video production, international sustainability events and media projects. By sharing knowledge and best practices, and calling on all stakeholders to take action, we address some of the greatest challenges facing the world.

Our initiatives, conducted in more than 30 countries worldwide, are about partnership, inspiration and creating a better future. Our flagship initiative, Responsible Business, presents practical ways to accelerate solutions for a more sustainable world while increasing business and industry growth. Through the Responsible Business website, social media and international event series we look at the commitments of leading global companies and explore deeper integration of sustainability and social responsibility to deliver longer-term business success.

Why did we join?
Global Initiatives believes in collaboration and partnerships in achieving a better future for people and the planet. We look forward to collaborating with the Global Compact Network Singapore, promoting and supporting responsible business and sustainable development.