Rare David Bowie pictures displayed at Oxfordshire car showroom

A POWERFUL exhibition including never-seen-before pictures of music icon David Bowie went on display in a West Oxfordshire showroom.

David and I is Denis O’Regan’s touring photographic account of travelling the world with the late legend, and includes more than 40 shots of Bowie in a variety of situations.

Hundreds attended North Oxford MINI in Long Hanborough as the collection, more than 50 per cent of which has never been seen outside of the tour, went on display for one night only.

Mark Overton is the director of Off Beat Lounge, the company running the tour, which he established based on his love of art and music photography.

He said: “We look for photos that indicate the privileged access the photographer had.

“We’re about halfway through the tour now and every one has sold out. We’ve had some fantastic responses.

“We’ve had some people walking around the exhibition in tears. It’s a very emotional experience for people even almost 18 months after his death.

“The important thing for us was trying to strike that balance between it being a celebration and making sure it’s done tastefully.”

The photos stretch from a performance at Newcastle City Hall in 1978 to the end of the Glass Spider Tour in 1987 – with a few publicity shots from the 1990s.

They were all cleared by Mr O’Regan and Bowie himself before he died, and shots include the superstar in personal moments – being measured up for outfits and drinking coffee – as well as with other iconic figures like Mick Jagger and Tina Turner.

Throughout the tour, Mr O’Regan is on hand to offer his stories of one of the world’s most revered rock stars during question and answer sessions.

Mr Overton, who never got to see Bowie perform but described himself as a fan, said of his own work: “If somebody asked me what I wanted to do, I would say play lead guitar in a band, be a professional footballer – but third would be doing what I do for a living.”

Off Beat Lounge sells limited edition fine art prints of the work it displays.

For more information about Off Beat Lounge and the company’s other exhibitions go to offbeatlounge.co.uk.