PM’s Press Conference 29/05/17: Two more troops?

PM’s Press Conference 29/05/17:
recap, immigration and more troops to

Prime Minister Bill English gave a summary of what he felt
were the highlights of last week’s budget announcement.
Those included: Family income package, Infrastructure,
Business Growth Agenda, and Social Investment Initiatives.
He announced that he will be going to Samoa this week for
the country’s 55th Independence Day.

The Prime
minister was asked about NATO’s request for New Zealand to
send two more personnel to Afghanistan and whether or not we
will send them. Mr English will “consider the request”
but did not give a definitive answer, as he had only just
become aware of the request.

In other world affairs, Mr
English was questioned as to whether the attacks in
Manchester sparked a need for more security in NZ,
especially for sports events. The Prime Minister assured
there has been an assessment and there is no need to raise
the threat level.

Regarding housing and social spending
in the Budget, Mr English said Labour’s claim that the
budget includes a “single child tax” on families is
“nonsense” and gave a breakdown of the changes. Mr
English is pleased that the Greens support the budget.

immigration, the Prime Minister is confident that NZ has the
capacity to keep up with and support a growing economy. When
asked if high immigration keeps wages low he stated,
inflation has been low so there hasn’t been a need for
high wage growth.

Other questions included the PPTA’s
gender-neutral uniform and unisex washroom proposal,
corporate and savings tax reforms, an update on myrtle rust
containment, and the Prime Minister’s comments on Malcolm
Turnbull’s use of the word mana to describe one of
his ministers.

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