Paul Hollywood’s new car show is a hit with viewers

Paul Hollywood might be upping sticks and going with the Great British Bake Off tent over to Channel 4, but that doesn’t mean the Beeb is completely without him on its screens

Far from it, in fact – he’s got a new show where he drives luxury cars around Europe. Tough gig, huh?

Paul Hollywood’s Big Continental Road Trip kicked off tonight (May 28) with a six-day road trip around Italy, where he drove a small fleet of cars from the country – in the form of Ferraris, Lamborghinis, and even a prototype Pagani.

And while there wasn’t a soggy bottom in sight, viewers at home seemed to like seeing Paul out of the kitchen.

Lots of people were just happy to see Paul back on their screens:

While some were a little bit confused about the concept:

Sorry. What? Why is Paul Hollywood, legendary bread maker in a car show on BBC???

— Rosh (@RoshalPatel) May 28, 2017

How did Paul Hollywood go from baking baps to driving £2m cars

— natasha (@yo_natasha) May 28, 2017

Okay, some were very confused:

Paul Hollywood’s big… what?

— Jim Holland (@jim__holland) May 28, 2017

The whole thing had some viewers wondering whether Paul had his sights set on a role in another BBC car show…

Looks as if Paul Hollywood should have stayed with BBC and done top gear rather than selling his soul to channel 4 #BigContinentalRoadTrip

— On the train (@NickRH14) May 28, 2017