Oerlikon at Paris Air Show

Oerlikon plans to showcase a number of its products at the Paris Air Show.

Oerlikon plans to showcase a number of its products at the Paris Air Show taking place next week.

These include surface solutions, advanced materials, turbine components and 3D metal printing, under its Oerlikon Balzers and Oerlikon Metco brands.

Oerlikon Balzers will be exhibiting its new Balinit Turbine Pro coating which has improved wear resistance, low co-efficient of friction and functional stability at high temperatures, while improving corrosion resistance, while Oerlikon Metco will be showing its thermal spray and turbine components including the MetcoAdd alloys to improve aircraft engine efficiency.

Oerlikon will also be featuring its additive manufacturing (AM) metal powders and contract services for design, prototyping and series production for the aerospace industry. The aluminum, titanium, nickel superalloys and steel alloy powders are produced at Nadcap-certified atomization facilities, where alloy development for AM-specific applications is possible. Oerlikon also offers component design services for applications within aircraft structures, aviation engines, space and missile assemblies, and ground and marine structures.

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