Nqakulas at odds over ANC consultative conference

Defence Minister Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula today contradicted her husband, ANC MP and former minister Charles Nqakula over the much talked about need for the ANC national consultative conference in place of the policy conference starting on June 30.

Nqakula was speaking at a two-day Eastern Cape ANC provincial consultative conference on Saturday where he said the governing party should have considered converting its upcoming policy conference late this month to a national consultative conference. Sadly, said Nqakula, that will not be happening.

Charles Nqakula. Picture: ZINGISA MVUMVU

However, his wife Mapisa-Nqakula believes those advocating for the consultative conference should not want it to happen their way because the ANC had agreed that the consultative conference can happen, albeit just for two days before the start of the policy conference.

But Nqakula is having none of this as he believes that the national consultative conference should last at least a week as two days is not enough.

He added that the ANC will miss out on an opportunity to “consolidate and make advances”.

Said Nqakula: “I do not even like the fact that if it was going to happen, it was going to be for two days. The time-frame that we are going to use for the policy conference ought to be used for a consultative conference.

“When I say that I am not suggesting that the policy conference is not important, but policies of the ANC are largely solid and cannot be changed every five years.”

Mapisa Nqakula said it was all lies that the ANC leadership rejected consultative conference proposals, adding that the two days before policy conference were just fine.
Said Mapisa-Nqakula: “I am making a plea that if there is an opportunity for a consultative conference or workshop which provides an opportunity to engage on challenges facing (the ANC) for two days before policy conference, let us go to that conference.

“When you sulk and say you are not going to be part of that you are allowing anarchists to continue with anarchy.”

Nqakula’s argument of the ANC policy conference conversion to consultative conference was initially made by the 100 ANC stalwarts last year. However, the ANC NEC rejected this, rather suggesting a joint consultative and policy conference with the former taking place two days before the latter.