Mercedes-Benz Reportedly Set To Show Electric Hatchback at Frankfurt Motor Show

The first product unveiled with the EQ name is an SUV, which was revealed in late 2016. At that time, the Generation EQ concept was important both from a styling standpoint, but also mattered because of the idea of an electric sub-brand from the three-pointed star company.

Meanwhile, the latest rumors about the future electric vehicle range from Stuttgart speak about an unnamed hatchback that is supposed to be revealed at the 2017 Frankfurt Auto Show.

This time, the news comes from the Brits at Autocar, who have learned that it is meant to be named EQ A, and that it will be the entry-level model in the upcoming EV lineup.

Mercedes-Benz EQ’s compact hatchback should be launched in 2020, and we already knew that a hatch would be among the body styles chosen for the new EV branch.

Unnamed sources from the German company have revealed that it will come with front-wheel-drive, will have a single engine, and that it will compete with BMW’s i3.

Some might think that the new model would use the MFA 2 platform, which is under development to fit the next-generation A-Class. The latter is the heart of the brand’s current lineup of compact models, and it has spawned a four-door coupe, a shooting brake, a crossover, and more.

However, instead of MFA 2, the base will be MEA, which stands for Modular Electric Architecture. The idea that Mercedes-Benz applied is to have a separate platform, along with a different design for its line of all-electric automobiles. They will share bits and bobs with the regular cars in the range, but will not look like EV conversions of the traditional portfolio.

BMW has applied a similar strategy with Project i, which has given birth to the i3 and i8 models, both different from what the conventional range has to offer, but with a few parts in common.