Magillem at DAC : “Sustainable innovation to drive SoC design efficiency”. Join us, booth #2029, June 18-22, 2017 – AUSTIN Convention Center

Paris, France – June 15th, 2017.
Magillem, the leading provider of front-end design xml solutions, best-in-class tools to reduce the global cost of complex designs, is embracing
ISDD®, i.e. Integrating Specification, Design Documentation, the new paradigm in SoC design and will present customers success stories and innovative solutions addressing the most pressing market issues : traceability, consistency, integrity of data, doing it
right the
first time, re-using knowledge and assets, speeding up the design cycle…. 

Magillem takes on critical challenges of Semiconductors and Embedded Systems companies by delivering real competitive value, and taking their process to the next level of efficiency, sustainability and quality.

Magillem has spent months inquiring about its customers pains and enriched its tool box and solutions to ease them by:

  • Addressing complexity of System-on-Chip (SoC) design
  • Ensuring interoperability and enabling design reuse.
  • Enabling early hardware / software bring-up
  • Offering requirements-based UVM verification environment
  • Solving critical issue of SoC short design cycle and growing costs
  • Empowering traceability, compliance and certification

One of the unique and key features of the platform is the infrastructure of smart links between all design objects at a fine granularity level, thus:

  • Resolving challenges of heterogeneous content management
  • Aligning all stakeholders within a collaborative environment


Products on demo on our booth #2019 will include new and unique features :


Magillem Crystal Bulb (MCB), a powerful incremental traceability framework that enables system engineers to create, edit and manage interdependencies between the various and heterogeneous system data and properties that make up a design flow. This is a continuation of our conference held in June 20, from 11am to 12 am (to register, visit:

Magillem Architecture Intent (MAI) captures connectivity and memory requirements in IP-XACT and helps streamline them all along the design phase. MAI replaces Visio ® with a software that translates Architecture Intent into an IP XACT draft platform automatically, saving hours of work to architects and designers.

Magillem Virtual Platform (MVP) accelerates the design of ESL virtual platforms down to SystemC netlisting, and offers a unique interfacing facility with RTL assembly.


We look forward your visit at DAC 2017, booth #2029!


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One word: Traceability !


This year at DAC, Magillem demonstrates its ISDD® method (Integrating Specification, Design and Documentation) in action! On Booth #2029, you will see on a real life use case how software architects, designers, testers, developers and technical writers remain synchronized all along the product lifecycle through a hub of semantic links that connects together all design/product content pieces.

Thanks to XML-based IP-XACT descriptions and Magillem ISDD® infrastructure, all objects, parameters or content units involved in the product are linked together, no matter the tools used in your design process.

The crucial need is to trace the design at each step of the flow. Implementing a “design-centric traceability” framework for SoC industries that enables to automate traceability beyond requirements resolves consistency issues and tracks potential risks.


To learn more about « Thinking out of the « requirements » box: when traceability of the SoC matters, let’s be product-centric », Vincent Thibaut, co-founder and VP Strategic Planning, holds a conference at DAC Conference Room 8C, June 19th, from 11: 00 am to 12: 00 am.

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A collaborative world


Today, to maximize efficiency, all the stakeholders must see, use, exchange and share knowledge assets with a collaborative approach. The challenge is to validate information shared and allow a quick access to up-to-date data for IPs, systems and product. Sophisticated design tools, various development languages, heterogeneous data and many different file formats must be taken into account as well as the organization in large and geographically distributed teams.

Magillem Crystal Bulb helps all project members to manage effectively the information assets processed all along the project lifecycle.  Thanks to a tight network of links logically connecting all content pieces along the different project stages, Magillem Crystal Bulb is a unique, powerful, non-destructive environment for knowledge sharing of hardware, software, documentation, and executable specifications: searching, viewing, analyzing features are specifically crafted for a comprehensive smart cataloging of IP, Designs and Products.  Demo is on display on Booth #2029.


To learn more about how « IP-XACT makes Magillem Crystal Bulb the best-in-class IC design data management system», Pascal Chauvet, VP Strategic Accounts, holds a conference at DAC Conference Room 8C, June 20th, from 11: 00 am to 12: 00 am.

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We look forward your visit at DAC 2017, booth #2029!

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