Live Blog: Microsoft’s Xbox Scorpio E3 2017 Press Conference


Xbox Scorpio’s debut at last year’s E3

It’s not really even a question as to what the most important show of E3 will be this year, as that honor goes to Microsoft, which will be the only company showing off brand new hardware in an incredibly competitive console era. The Xbox Scorpio has arrived at last for its fully-fledged debut.

Just hours ago, there was a leak that the Scorpio will be priced at $499, which is on the higher end of most guesses ahead of this reveal. We don’t know if that will actually be the final price, but it’s a bold prediction made incredibly close to the show, and if that’s what Microsoft has planned, it’s unlikely they’ll change course now, this late in the game. The common refrain is that the price is too high, but it might be acceptable to current Xbox fans or those thirsty for an incredibly high-performance console.

Scorpio is a beast from a horsepower perspective, but it will assuredly spark a debate about how much power really matters in the current gaming climate, as Sony, Microsoft and PC fans all have different views on that (Nintendo doesn’t even try to play this game). We know a fair amount about Scorpio so far, but this show will be the first time Microsoft puts everything out in the open ahead of its launch this fall.

Oh yeah, and there should be games too. Crackdown 3 is supposed to finally show up and make a splash this year as big MS exclusive, though if I had to guess, we might not see it until spring 2018, not this fall. There will be some sort of Halo announcement, but not Halo 6, leading many to believe it might be Halo 3 Anniversary. Gears will be dormant, and I expect we’ll see a lot from Rare’s Sea of Thieves.

I will be liveblogging the entire show below, which kicks off at 5 PM ET, and I hope you join me here while watching the livestream here. Please refresh the page constantly to get the newest updates on top.

Coverage will begin when the show gets closer, so check back here around then and stay tuned.

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