Keynote Speaker at Roosevelt’s Women’s Business Conference featured local business owner

For Love-Less Ash President Colleen Loveless, 2017 is turning out to be a busy year but not for the reasons you might think. When a business owner stands out for their accomplishments, hard work and dedication they are asked to inspire others. In March 2017, Loveless was asked to sit on a panel with other women participating and succeeding in the exporting industry at a Women’s Day Celebration hosted by the Salt Lake City Chamber and World Trade Center Utah. On May 10, she was asked to be the Keynote Speaker at the Women’s Business Conference in Roosevelt, Utah. And on May 18 she will speak at the Carbon County Chamber’s Women Rock Business Launch Event.

As Keynote Speaker at the Women’s Business Conference in Roosevelt, Colleen shared her story with a room full of women and a few men.

Colleen’s late husband Mike Loveless was a man with an endless imagination and a heart of gold. In 1983, he had created a dustless ash removal technology that the couple decided could change their lives. In 1988, Mike and Colleen started Love-Less Ash in their home in Price, Utah. Colleen remembers taking an order over the phone while feeding her young daughter at the same time. Mike handled all research and development while still holding down a full time job and Colleen handled the business end of things while raising their young family. Love-Less Ash morphed and grew over the years, from a start-up company in the garage of their home to an 18,000 square foot building with 25 employees. Love-Less Ash is now an industry leader that sells products around the world.

Mike was the creative one and Colleen was the voice of reason, together they could conquer the world. Unfortunately the world would not be able to see everything this dynamic duo was capable of, in 2008 Mike was killed in a plane wreck. This type of life changing event is the kind that could destroy a business but through sheer determination and with help from her son Spencer and their employees, Colleen continued the vision she and Mike shared.

Colleen moved the crowd to tears as she shared the struggles she faced after losing the love of her life. A few quotes from Colleen that received a lot of head nods and tears were, “Smooth rides never make good drivers, a problem and hassle free life never makes an extraordinary person”, “You are going to have people in your life that will have a lasting effect on you, cherish them and always remember them” and “You WILL have difficult times, but you are strong independent women and can overcome them. Don’t be afraid to dream”.

Colleen shared her best advice for not just women business owners but also men throughout her speech. She advised them to find a mentor, be willing to sacrifice, have one confidant, and treasure those closest to you. She also shared her take away from this Women’s Conference, “Success starts at the edge of your comfort zone”. Colleen then ended her speech with a motto her family lives by in honor of Mike “Life is Good”.

Love-Less Ash is a prime example of a local business succeeding globally but still chooses to keep their manufacturing in Carbon County.