Facts may doom mayor’s convention center ambitions

In The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, as told by Goethe and Walt Disney, a novice nearly drowns after an enchanted broom becomes too eager to take over his chore of hauling water. Such are the risks of summoning forces you can’t control.

The lesson seems lost on Mayor Kevin Faulconer, whose efforts to carry water for SoccerCity developers and the downtown hotel industry may swamp his political future, with no old sorcerer returning to save the day.

On Monday, the city council is scheduled to consider the mayor’s plan to raise taxes on hotel stays to expand San Diego’s convention center. A week later, they will ponder placing the SoccerCity development plan on the same ballot.

Faulconer is in a big hurry. Instead of waiting for the next general election in 2018, he wants the question put to voters this November. This would seem to defy voters who just last year passed, overwhelmingly, Measure L, which requires such initiatives to stand in general elections (and not in low-turnout primaries or specials), unless the council decides to waive the law for some dire urgency.