E-scheduler Announces Release of The App to end all Apps

No more Last Minute Cancellation Blues! eScheduler allows Service Providers to fill gaps in their appointment books fast… for just $1 !

GOLDEN, CO, USA, May 15, 2017 /EINPresswire.com/ — Imagine that you run a dentist’s office, or own a hair-dressing salon or that you are some other Service Provider. Your appointment book, which was completely full last week, now has several cancellations. What do you do? You still have the overheads to cover: staff to pay; phone bills; rent.

Last minute cancellations are a huge source of lost revenue for Service Providers. “An empty chair in my salon is an empty bank account,” mused one hair-dresser from Syosset, NY. “Overheads do not go away. Empty chairs or not, we still need to pay staff and cover the cost of our light bills!”

Now, with the newly launched eScheduler app, the Service Provider can log on and display the available slot. He can offer a small or a large discount. The discount helps entice a potential iStandBy customer to take up the empty slot, despite the short notice and inconvenient time.

The iStandBy client can simultaneously log on to the app. A map of the local area opens. He TAPS on the MAP to indicate the geographical area of search interest. He looks for the service that he is interested in – he indicates the level of discount required and the availability and voila!!

“The idea for eSCHEDULER came to me as I was about to board a flight to Europe” said FindaDoc CEO and President. “I realized that StandBy passengers were booking seats at the very last minute and at inconvenient times. However, for their pains, they were getting huge discounts. This was very good news for the StandBy passengers. But it was also good news for the service providing airlines. They got to fill their empty seats! They get to at least cover the overheads and even make a small profit.

A last minute cancellation for the Service Provider is like the empty seat for the airline. The hair-dresser or plumber or masseur gets to fill the empty slot. He covers his overheads for that session – the client on iStandBy gets a discount for showing up at short notice, at an inconvenient time.

eSCHEDULER can be downloaded FREE from the Apple store and soon also from Google Play. All the Service Provider
needs to do is to register and logs in; he describes his offer and clicks on the available time-slot; he adds a reasonable discount and logs out. The service fee is just $1 !

eScheduler was created and developed by the CEO and Founder of FindADoc. “We first conceived eScheduler as a concept to fill empty Dentists’ chairs. A lot of dentists have become very rich using this free app. Now, we want to apply it to all Service Providers,” he said.

The parent company FindADoc boasts several features that are UNIQUE on the internet.

: DOC LINK – Lets 1.5 million doctors track and connect with each other.

: FINDADOC INTERNATIONAL – comprises over 9,000 US and International Hospitals.

: JOBS SEARCH FOR DOCS – links doctors to Physician Recruiters.

: HEALTHCARE SPONSORS: Our Healthcare Resource accepts sponsorship at the Gold, Silver and Bronze level.

FindADoc’s main income stream is a low cost subscription service, FEATURED DOCS. Our Featured Docs are found first, highlighted, at the TOP of local searches.

eScheduler is a unique tool that will help ALL Service Providers to fill gaps in their appointment books. Learn what Airlines have known for years – there are plenty of clients out there – on iStandBy!!

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