Cheney High FBLA places at state conference

Cheney High FBLA places at state conference

May 4, 2017 | Vol. 121 — No. 3

Cheney High School

Fifty-eight members of Cheney High School’s FBLA chapter competed at the state conference.

The Cheney FBLA Club (Future Business Leaders of America) competed at the Washington State Business Leader conference, April 15-17 in Spokane.

The chapter had 58 students attend the conference. At the awards ceremony 30 different students placed top 10 in state 43 times with 17 students placing first, second, third or fourth to earn automatic entry to the FBLA national conference, June 29-July 2 in Anaheim, Calif.

Highlights of the conference included the following state champions – Jennifer Harbick (3D animation), Rachel Suominen (organizational leadership), Colton Dotson, Jason Chilcoat, Sydney Zapf (network design) and Andrew Jenkins, Daniel Storment, Jacob Tart (management information systems). Also Megumi Call placed top 10 in all four of her events.

Also of note was that due to a donation by Cheney Federal Credit Union to sponsor the Cheney Club’s professional membership, the chapter won awards for the largest professional membership and the biggest growth in professional membership. In an email, club adviser Adam Smith said they are “so thankful to CFCU for helping us win these awards.”

The FBLA State Leadership conference was attended by over 1,800 students. Below is a list of all individual students who placed.

Jennifer Harbrick: First, 3-D animation; fifth, business communication; eighth, American Enterprise project

Andrew Jenkins: 10th, coding and programming; 10th, computer problem solving

Korinna Shaw: Eighth, computer applications

Josh Sarsozo: Ninth, computer applications; eighth, spreadsheet applications

Julien Boker: 10th, computer applications; third, computer problem solving; ninth, cyber security

Mitchell Lawrence: Ninth, computer problem solving

Sydney Zapf : Fourth, cyber security

Kiersten Gasper: 10th, cyber security; seventh, help desk

Colton Dotson: Fourth, database applications

Asiamay Diaz: Sixth, electronic career portfolio

Evarosa Perry: Seventh, electronic career portfolio

Dillon Dalton: Eighth, healthcare administration

Jason Chilcoat: Fourth, networking concepts

Holden McNaul: Fifth, networking concepts

Jacob Tart: Sixth, networking concepts

Megumi Call: Eighth, networking concepts; fourth, public speaking II

Thomas Funderburg: 10th, networking concepts

Rachel Suominen: First, organizational leadership

Sara Nanny: Sixth, sales presentation

The following is a list of student groups who placed, listed by competition category, place and students.

Banking and financial systems: 10th, William Prater, Allissa Empert, Cody Goforth.

Business ethics: 10th, Anna Arensmeyer, Anya Howko-Johnson

Business plan: Seventh, Evarosa Perry, Stephanie Assonken

Game and simulation programming: Fourth, Andrew Jenkins, Jacob Tart

Game and simulation programming: Seventh, Colton Dotson, Sydney Zapf, Daniel Storment

Emerging business issues: Fourth, Megumi Call, Rachel Suominen

Graphic design: Second, JT Gasper, Ben Riddle

Management information systems: First, Jacob Tart, Daniel Storment, Andrew Jenkins

Management information systems: Fifth, Sydney Zapf, Colton Dotson, Cody Goforth

Management information systems: Ninth, Dylan Doney, Holden McNaul, Dominic Mosley

Network design: First, Sydney Zapf, Jason Chilcoat, Colton Dotson

Network design: Third, Megumi Call, Mitchell Lawrence, Harold Kellams

Network design: Fourth, Daniel Storment, Dylan Doney, Holden McNaul

Public service announcement: Seventh, JT Gasper, Kiersten Gasper

Website design: Asiamay Diaz, Ben Riddle