Business Live: Pound stabilises

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Nearly a third of British workers do not have secure employment, the GMB union says.

It found that as many as 10 million people were in precarious employment, for example working in the so-called gig economy, on zero- or short-hours contracts, or in temporary work.

Tim Roache, the GMB’s general secretary, said: “Up to 10 million people go to work either not knowing what their hours are, if they’ll be able to pay the bills, or what their long-term prospects are.

“That’s a sorry state of affairs in the 21st century and a product of government’s failure to tackle bogus self-employment, the use of agency contracts as a business model and point-blank refusal to ban zero-hours contracts.”

Matthew Taylor, head of the RSA, is expected to recommend changes to the rights of self-employed workers this month after a government-commissioned review.