Boeing pushes new 737 Max 10 at Paris Air Show

Boeing is pushing its newest design of its smaller airplane, the 737 Max 10, at the Paris Air Show this week amid traditional competition from Airbus as well as China this year.

The Boeing 737 Max 10 is the latest in the 737 Max series, and promises 230 seats for the single-aisle aircraft, and a flight range of 3,215 nautical miles. The company touts it as the lowest seat cost of any single-aisle aircraft currently on the market.

The company looks to sign hundreds of orders for its array of aircraft at this week’s Paris Air Show, which opened Monday with French President Emmanuel Macron landing at the Bourget airfield in an Airbus A400-M military transport plane.

While Boeing is pushing this new design of its airplane, European plane maker Airbus is pushing its similar sized A320neo planes.