B-2 bomber makes stealth appearance at air show

The Red Arrows capped off the Royal International Air Tattoo in Gloucestershire on Sunday with a patriotic display of red, white and blue smoke against some very overcast skies. 

It came after a B-2 stealth bomberm which is capable of carrying nukes, wowed the crowds at RAF Fairford after cruising past while accompanied by two F-15 Eagle fighter jets.

The bomber had flown to the RAF base from Missouri, some 4,200 miles, before making an unscheduled appearance.  

It bomber appeared after a aw-dropping display by an Apache helicopter which sped through a wall of fire.

The Tattoo is the world’s largest air far with jets, giant transporters and historic aircraft wowing audiences as expert pilots take to the sky.

The flying spectacular is staged to raise money for the Royal Air Force Charitable Trust.

Crowds at the show watched on as the Apache crews put the impressive choppers through their paces.

Apaches have seen service for different armed forces across the world in a range of conflicts from the Gulf War to battles in the Balkans.

The helicopters have a deadly arsenal of 16 x Hellfire missiles, 76 x 2.75 CRV-7 rockets, 1,200 x 30mm cannon rounds, 4 x air-to-air missiles.