A conference on all things boring? You might even find it interesting

“Not interesting or exciting” is the dictionary definition of the word. Dull. Tedious. Ordinary.

That’s as maybe, but dozens of people are today planning to do something most people might regard as, how shall we put it, a bit boring.

And what’s more, they might even find it interesting.

A one-day conference is being held in central London to celebrate all things mundane, from the sound made by vending machines to discussions about retail barcodes and postcard messages.

To be fair, those are some of the more intriguing subjects being heard at The Boring Conference.

Still, Peter Fletcher’s discussion of his hobby should help calm the nerves.

He is a Birmingham-based biostatistician who has kept a record of every time that he has sneezed since July 2007.

Mr Fletcher records the time and date of each sneeze, where it took place, what he was doing at the time and gives each one a measure of strength (mild, moderate, moderate to strong, strong and very strong).

Here is a typical entry: “Devil’s Bridge station, Wales. Moderate. Just got off train.” That was sneeze 4,687, by the way, in July last year.