6th Trancatheter Heart Valve Therapy Conference

It is the only Conference in Greece that focuses exclusively on the latest developments in the field of Trancatheter Heart Valve Therapies over the last decade.

As explained by the Conference organizers, Dr Stratis Pattakos, Director of the 2nd Cardiac Surgery Clinic at HYGEIA Hospital, and Dr Konstantinos Spargias, Director of the Hospital’s Trancatheter Heart Valve Department, ‘Technological advancements and extensive research have made it possible to essentially treat all types of heart valve dysfunctions using transcatheter methods. These techniques allow valve replacement or repair using catheters, similarly to a coronary angiography, without surgical incisions or extracorporeal circulation. They are minimally invasive, with a lower risk of complications and quick recovery and return to normal activities.’

As they added, ‘For the last 6 years, the Conference has greatly contributed to educating Greek doctors in this field though talks, vivid discussions and live procedure broadcasts. We aim to continue this effort so that Greece does not lag behind but rather participates in shaping the future, with the ultimate aim being to benefit the Greek patients.’

In 2016, many of these new techniques (bioprosthetic transcatheter aortic valve implantations, tricuspid valve repair and transcatheter mitral valve failure repairs using the PASCAL system) were successfully performed for the first time in Greece at HYGEIA Hospital. HYGEIA has also been recognized as a Center of Excellence Training for its transcatheter valve program by the largest medical supply manufacturers in the world (Edwards, Medtronic and Abbott).