5 storylines for Big 12 meetings: Can conference change negative narrative? Any update in Baylor review?

2 Does money talk?

One of the best arguments the Big 12 has will come on the final day of meetings.

The conference is expected to announce its per school revenue for 2016-17. Industry sources say the number will be about $33 million to $34 million per member. The figure will be less than the SEC and Big Ten but more than the ACC and Pac-12. And then factor in third-tier rights, which could be anywhere from a couple of million dollars to significantly more.

“Counting third-tier, there’s nobody making more off media properties than Texas is,” Bowlsby said, “and Oklahoma isn’t too far behind.”

3 What will Boren say?

Boren will be presiding over his final board of directors meeting, and the Big 12 will be selecting a new executive committee before the close.

More than most factors, Boren’s assessment of the Big 12 (“psychologically disadvantaged”) has driven perception. He had pushed for an examination of expansion, a conference TV network and a football title game, with one of those three enacted.

Earlier this month speaking to reporters after an OU board of regents meeting, he said Oklahoma wasn’t desperate to go anyplace else and that it was in the Sooners best interest for the conference to succeed.

But he also suggested another round of realignment in four or five years as TV contracts draw to a close. “We wouldn’t walk away from the Big 12 lightly, I’ll put it that way,” Boren said. “We don’t have any plans to leave right now. There’s not any active conversation going on.”

4 The Baylor review

The meeting arrives just a few days after the first anniversary of the Pepper Hamilton report and the firing of football coach Art Briles. Much has happened since.

The Big 12 announced in February that it would withhold 25 percent of conference revenue from Baylor until a third-party review of its promised changes in athletics and school governance following the sexual-assault scandal involving football players.