Two Shanghaiteams scoop SAGE prize

TWO teams of students from the Shanghai Foreign Language School Affiliated to Shanghai International Studies University won the Students for the Advancement of Global Entrepreneurship (SAGE) competition recently.

The winners included one group who had developed a kind of socks to protect ankles from injuries during sports, which was already reported by Shanghai Daily last month.

They won in the group of Social Responsibility Business.

The other group won in the Social Enterprise Business group with their idea to weave tissue boxes and storage baskets with water hyacinth.

Water hyacinth was imported to China around 1901 from South America to solve the shortage of pig feed. But it reproduced so fast that it soon became a typical invasive species, causing oxygen deficit to fishes and shrimps and blocking watercourses. But Liu Xinlin and her team members developed the irritating aquatic plant into artistic products, which was also expected to ease the problems caused by it.

Shao Yang, president of youth innovation center Youngs, said he wished more high school students can participate in the activity to turn their ideas into real programs and win social recognition.