Summer camp is a time to experience getting messy

SUMMER is often filled with fun in the sun — swimming, sports, and picnics. For expatriates, summer is also a time of travel, transitions, and visiting family.

So how do children play when their routines are different than usual? One of the great ways to promote fun and learning through play is to enroll in a summer camp program. Whether you choose a camp here in Shanghai or in your home country, children will have a semi-structured way to have fun in the sun, social interactions, and new rewarding experiences. This also helps support parents who may need to take care of business during the day.

Summer camp is a time for children to experience getting messy, baking cookies, and jumping into a pool. For some children these are regular pastimes, but for others this might be one of the best times of their young life. These joyful moments can be recreated at home, too. Invite a friend for a playdate and set up face paint and popsicles. Take your child to the zoo with a notebook and crayons and spend the afternoon drawing animals. Put on bathing suits on a rainy day, and go run around.

As we launch into the sun, heat, and lazy days of summer, do not forget to find the joy in each day. Make small adventures, and have silly moments. We are fortunate to find playful joy in the summers of childhood.