Summer activities prepare children for new school year

CHILDREN might groan at the thought of having to attend summer school.

Just when they thought they had a long summer ahead and were escaping the demands and routines of school, their parents go and sign them up for more school.


Well the fact is that summer schools can be a great opportunity for children to learn, grow and also have lots of fun.

Rather than experiencing the “summer learning loss” where children take a dip in their learning after the long summer break, at summer school children can keep their minds active and continue to develop and consolidate their learning.

They can build and practice their language skills in a nurturing and safe environment with skilled teachers who can personalize the program to meet the needs of each child.

The result is that instead of learning going backwards in the summer break, their learning is pushed forward, meaning children are ready to start the new school year well prepared, “mind ready” and ahead of the game.

But, this is summer school so teachers ensure that all the learning takes place through a balanced program of challenging and fun activities, and also giving the children time to have lots of fun through sports, arts and music.

Children come together with a range of students — socializing and making new friends in a focused but relaxed environment.

So instead of groaning and being resentful, children quickly realize that summer school is a great way to fill some of the long days of summer and that they can both learn and have fun.

BISS summer school will run from July 3 to 21 for children aged between 3 to 18.

The program offers courses of one to three weeks in English or Mandarin.

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