Student’s once in a lifetime UN trip to New York

BEING one of four students selected to go to New York City for the United Nations and Global Challenge trip fills me with joy and excitement.

I will have the chance to discuss, debate and negotiate with many significant people who make up the UN and mix with other students with similar interests from Nord Anglia Education schools.

The Model United Nations has become a passion of mine. Beginning in Year 10, I have visited many MUN conferences and have had the chance to be BISS Puxi’s second secretary general.

Now I have the opportunity to visit the real United Nations!

By having the chance to go to New York for an eventful week, I am not only able to experience the political and educational side of the city, but will have a chance to visit museums, Central Park and the Empire State Building.

Additionally, we will be able to spend an evening watching a Broadway show, so we will surely have the best of all worlds.

In the time prior to our trip to New York, we have been working collaboratively with other year groups on the Global Challenge, focusing on the global goal of wellbeing and partnering with the Huaxin Rehabilitation Center. Ours is a fantastic project which will run over numerous terms so students from across the school will have a chance to take part and make a difference.

Furthermore, we will investigate and search into China’s socio-economic and political attitude towards its global goals and consider how to improve any occurring issues, discussions that will then also continue in New York.

I definitely cannot wait until we arrive in New York on August 12 — looking forward to such a once in a lifetime experience.