Soccer opens up endless possibilities

SUMMER is the perfect time to be active and engage the mind while playing fun games. Did you know that soccer is played by more than 265 million people worldwide, making it arguably the most popular sport?

Children who play soccer develop motor skills, endurance, coordination, cognitive ability, strength and social lessons. Another benefit of soccer is that it requires players to overcome obstacles (sensory development and self-confidence) that can seem challenging and beyond their control.

By spending time practicing technical tricks like juggling and moves/fakes one will encounter failure through the exploration of new skills with their feet (often used only for gross motor skills). Practicing these soccer skills repeatedly helps to increase the finer motor skills and the inevitable success of performing these skills thereby increases self confidence. Furthermore, soccer is a game of infinite possibilities and solutions. Children who play soccer need to control the ball, calculate space, time, opposition, teammates and ultimately make decisions.

With so many factors to consider while playing soccer it is truly a thinking man’s game. So this summer, why not engage your mind and body and give soccer a try?