Making the food on your table safer

TO further tighten food and drug safety management, the city’s watchdog issued a plan in the next five years to improve its supervision and monitoring. New measures will also be introduced.

The Shanghai government has started to establish a new supervision system for food security. The Shanghai Food and Drug Administration says this supervision will have a thorough monitor over the whole process of food production and a focus on the new food security issues.

The FDA has several focuses to supervise the whole course of food production. It vowed to enhance monitoring of agriculture, animal husbandry and butchery. This is meant to ban the use of illegal additives in food processing and limit the use of pesticides.

Also, the government put forward new methods to supervise the kitchens of restaurants, schools and businesses. With the help of a smart phone application, it is now easy to electronically transmit information between departments and government officials.

In addition, the government has started to publicize what happens in kitchens.

The “Enlighten the Kitchen” project enables customers to be a part of the supervision and watch the cooking process.

The government also passed a law to administer the recycling of food waste. These actions largely improved the safety of the food on people’s dinner tables.

Another mission of the FDA is to improve the food security of the new online takeaway websites. It requires operators of smart phone applications of major takeaway websites to remove online food stores without licences.

It has been reported that many popular takeaway stores on these applications have no licence and operate in a poor environment, with rats and filthy water.

These stores produce unsafe food for the takeaway applications, yet these applications transport these foods to the consumers anyway.

Since ordering takeaway has become a lifestyle for more young people, regulating these takeaway applications became increasingly important for the government.

In 2016, the government outlawed more than 20,000 chophouses without licences and more than 60,000 online food stores without licences since the Food Safety Law was issued. Under the regulation of government, this newly thriving industry will continue to grow.

In general, it is expectable that with a more efficient supervision system, food security will be promoted, officials said.