Learning how to speak out to make the world a better place

DURING the Year 5 MUN project, I learned that not everybody receives a quality education.

Where you live, your gender and ethnicity can all influence the type of and quality of your education.

I also learned how to debate and how to use voting procedures which will help me in later life.

I enjoyed asking questions, using the correct language (Point of Order, Right of Reply, Point of information) and voting. I also quite enjoyed making my speech at the closing ceremony and meeting students from other Dulwich College International Schools.

Something important I learned was how easy it was to make a speech in front of a room full of people, if you tried hard.

I was surprised when Mr Andy came rushing in telling us a disaster had just occurred. At first I thought it was a fire drill but then I realized that it was part of the conference and that we had to discuss how we would help Chile with their floods.

I have been inspired to do something to help the global goals whether it’s recycling or not wasting food. The conference guest speaker, Saira O’Mallie, helped me understand that sometimes the most important thing we can do is use our voice to show how we feel about injustice and help to change the world.

If I met other students who were taking part in MUN for the first time, I would tell them to expect to meet new people, gain confidence in public speaking and learn how to debate. I would also tell them that it is a very positive experience.