Immerse in the ‘stream’ of Ito’s inspiration

PRITZKER Prize-winning Japanese architect Toyo Ito’s designs are outlined at the Power Station of Art, featuring models, images and drawings of some of his key projects since the 1970s.

The exhibition, entitled “On the Stream,” is inspired by an ancient Chinese tradition in which intellectuals drank wine from cups that floated on a winding stream and stopped before them, shared their thoughts, and raised their cups for celebration.

Echoing the title, a stream-like long table is placed in the center of the exhibition hall. The shape not only reflects Ito’s constantly changing creative style, but also signifies that his inspiration usually comes from the natural world.

Atop the table are more than 130 models from almost 30 projects that Toyo Ito Associates, Architects has undertaken. They are divided into six stages in chronological order. Each stage presents the most representative projects and their relevant models.

On one side of the table stands a Relax Globe with 10 meters in diameter, and its shape is borrowed from the 11 Globes at the Minna no Mori Gifu Media Cosmos — a library and community activity exchange center in central Japan that Ito completed in 2015.

Put together with polyester fibers and non-woven fabrics, the Globes allow natural light to flow into the structure’s inner space as well as promoting ventilation and air circulation, allowing visitors to feel nature’s vitality.

Ito said the track of his design career is just like a winding stream. By studying individual cases of Japan’s contemporary architects, visitors will embrace Ito’s sensible and open architectural visions, as well as reflect on the relations between China’s architecture, society and humanity.


Date: Through July 23 (closed on Mondays),

Venue: Power Station of Art

Address: 200 Huayuangang Rd