HK stunt master brings TV series about young racer

HONG Kong stunt master Bruce Law brought his special effects expertise and high-action stunt design to a highly-expected youth series “Speed.” 
The TV series tells a story of a talented young car racer who pursues his dream in spite of difficulties. Law choreographed all the action. Around 50 racing cars were featured in the series.
Law, who used to work with John Woo, Jackie Chan and Stephen Chow, has around 30 years of experience in all aspects of stunt-work. He also helped special effects for the films “Mission Impossible 3” and “Transformers: Age of Extinction.”
The series is produced by a subsidiary company of Ciwen Media, whose credits include fantasy series “The Journey of Flower” and tomb-raiding thriller “The Mystic Nine.” More series about the life, dream and emotions of the young generation in China will be shot.
Zhao Bin, vice president of Ciwen Media, said that most of the scenes in the series were shot in Australia. It will be released in the winter vacation next year. They are also considering distributing the series overseas.