Exhibition breathes life back into dinosaurs

FOR the upcoming summer vacation, Shanghai Natural History Museum has prepared a series of events for both young and adult visitors.

One of the highlights is a special exhibition called “How Dinosaurs Come Alive,” which not only features various kinds of dinosaurs, but also sheds light on how researchers recovered the long-extinguished creatures via fossil study and scientific methods.

“We want to show the children that although dinosaurs have been extinguished for a long time, our understanding of the creature was not based on imagination, but on careful studies,” said Hu Xidan, curator of the exhibition.

In addition to the exhibits, there are also interactive sections in the museum for both children and adults over the weekend.

For example, every Saturday afternoon the “Racing With Dinosaurs” section provides a VR immersive experience where visitors get to create their own dinosaurs with 3D-making materials. At most 16 people are allowed in the section at one time. Reservation tickets are issued on the site every day from 9am.

The museum has also held a series of lectures and workshops for fun learning and games. Reservations for these sessions can be made via the museum’s official WeChat account “snhm01.”


“How Dinosaurs Come Alive”

Date: Through September 13, 9am-5:15pm

Venue: B2, Shanghai Natural History Museum

Address: 510 Beijing Rd W.